Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kim kardashian naked. Pictures.

Kim kardashian naked. Extra Pictures:

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Should I admit, my friend, that I deliberately stop taking my pill? Ive been with my boyfriend take off her for 9 months. I really didn't get to know him very well when we first met. I know that he was hot! He had brown eyes, 3 dimples, goatee, Jack Black wavy hair, 61 and a muscular body (hes Cuba). In black btw. Hes the nicest man I've ever been with. I was shocked when he wanted to be with me. However, when I know him, there are few things that is wrong with him. First, he lives with his mother and doesn't pay rent. Secondly, hes an alcoholic. Third, hes a sex addict. He goes to strip clubs every night. Fourth, he will not have a valid driver's license and 27 years old. However, he has a good job as a bricklayer and hes in the union. . As a single mother with two children by two different men. He called me several times. Its almost like he intentionally start fights with me. I admit, I'm very jealous. I monitor his phone calls. I check his IM on Yahoo. I wanted to find out hes seeing if his FWB. I also found it instant messaging. He told her how much he missed having sex with her and that he wishes he single! I even took nude photos of her. Ill admit shes gorgeous. She looks like a black version of Kim Kardashian. Shes supposedly half black and Arab. . Anyway, I know I should leave him, but I was I couldnt attracted to him. I do not want to leave him, and I want to work this relationship. So I stopped the pill without telling him. He asked me to get an abortion, but waited until late in the goal. That same night I told him that I was three months pregnant by him, he blew up at me and was abandoned. Then I found the same night he went to go with his old FWB. I honestly think he wanted to be with her all round. But she moved away and now shes back in town for good. I dont know what to do?
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