Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kim kardashian naked. Pictures.

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Should I admit, my friend, that I deliberately stop taking my pill? Ive been with my boyfriend take off her for 9 months. I really didn't get to know him very well when we first met. I know that he was hot! He had brown eyes, 3 dimples, goatee, Jack Black wavy hair, 61 and a muscular body (hes Cuba). In black btw. Hes the nicest man I've ever been with. I was shocked when he wanted to be with me. However, when I know him, there are few things that is wrong with him. First, he lives with his mother and doesn't pay rent. Secondly, hes an alcoholic. Third, hes a sex addict. He goes to strip clubs every night. Fourth, he will not have a valid driver's license and 27 years old. However, he has a good job as a bricklayer and hes in the union. . As a single mother with two children by two different men. He called me several times. Its almost like he intentionally start fights with me. I admit, I'm very jealous. I monitor his phone calls. I check his IM on Yahoo. I wanted to find out hes seeing if his FWB. I also found it instant messaging. He told her how much he missed having sex with her and that he wishes he single! I even took nude photos of her. Ill admit shes gorgeous. She looks like a black version of Kim Kardashian. Shes supposedly half black and Arab. . Anyway, I know I should leave him, but I was I couldnt attracted to him. I do not want to leave him, and I want to work this relationship. So I stopped the pill without telling him. He asked me to get an abortion, but waited until late in the goal. That same night I told him that I was three months pregnant by him, he blew up at me and was abandoned. Then I found the same night he went to go with his old FWB. I honestly think he wanted to be with her all round. But she moved away and now shes back in town for good. I dont know what to do?
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Friday, January 1, 2010

Kim kardashian naked. Shooot.

Kim kardashian naked. Cool pics:

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' What is this celebritiy (s) would you like to play naked twister? Im going w /? Kim Kardashian.
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Why now a days so quick to get famous ....? It can be a big time porn star or have a sex tape with some celeb big time and then suddenly get your own show? For example, Kim Kardashian, shes really nobody like the devil has his own show? Not to mention shes a bad role model, I once saw ' s episode with her sisters lil about 10 years on the pole strip. Im a model and I try so hard to break, and Sick of these seducing women lay, with nothing to offer but Im breasts and fake tans and get on everyone. It also doesn't make sense because Amerie Rogers isn't famous, oh wait, shes dark skin thats why. Beyonce so you can just put on a bathing suit and dance in black and white and somehow get more spotlight. Never noticed the black women in rap videos are good only if they are dressed in booty shaking Hooker, if a woman is dressed black people look stupid conservative, its like the only rapper fantasy. With as light-skinned women can wear dresses and dance like their sweaty skin and BS like J Lo Get Right in and somehow get more spotlight Hell shes not even black! Brandy is the most black shell never be my children in my class didn't even her What can we do to stop this BS crap media? Why do people continue to see and believe this mess " brainwashing?
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